Historically Themed Chess Sets

Celtic Cross
Small Isle of Lewis Cross
large Isle of Lewis
Celtic Contemporary
Aztec vs Conquistadors
(1519 - 1521)
Mayan vs Conquistadors
(1519 - 1521)
Battle of Legnano (1176 AD)
Fredrick I vs Pope Alexander III
Pirates vs Royal Navy
Battle of Waterloo (1815 AD)
Napolean vs Wellington
Ottoman Sultans
15th Centrury (Gunpowder vs Bows)
Spanish vs Moors
(< 1491 AD)
The Knights of St. John
The Crusades
(1096 - 1250 AD)
The Crusades bigger version
(1096 - 1250 AD)
Imperial Chinese
The Chinesse Buried Army
The American Civil War
(1861 - 1865 AD)
Roman Empire vs Gaul
(1 BC)
Roman Empire vs Forces of Cleopatra's Egypt
(30 BC)
Egyptian forces of Rameses
Greek Spartans vs Persians
Greek vs Troy
Crusaders vs Saladin
( 1177 - 1187 AD )