Supersonic Jet Airliners (Concorde and TU-144) Collectibles

British Airways Presentation Packs given to customers who flew on Concorde.
Concorde Air Safety Cards.
British Airways
Air France

Numesmatic Items.
Man in Flight 25th anniversary of the Concorde Museum of Flight in Scotland Concorde medal
1969 Concorde Stamp set and 2006 Isle of Man crown struck to commemorate the
30th anniversary of the first transatlantic flight of Concorde, 1976 to 2006
Limited Edition Danbury Mint Silver Bar
1976 "Day of the Concorde" sterling silver proof medal with first day cover presentation.
Cancelled in Heathrow and Bahrain for the first commercial supersonic flight.
Three sterling silver commemorative medals struck for the British Airways Concorde's
first flight to Washington, New York and Singapore.
Royal Mint Alderney 2008 £5 cupro-nickel - Mintage 7,500 folders
Royal Mint Alderney 2003 £5

Philatellic items.
One of just 4,000 PNCs to feature the autographed of
Lord King of Wartnaby, Chairman of British Airways 1983-93.
30th anniversary of Concorde’s Maiden Commercial Flight,
London-Bahrain. Hand-signed by Captain Jeremy Rendall.
Signed by Captain Les Brodie who landed concorde for the last
time and limited to 9500 PNCs.
40th anniversary, Concorde’s Maiden Flight
Both of these covers were flown on Concorde's final transatlantic flight before retirement in 2003.
Below and right are two first day commemorative covers
for the Concorde stamp issued 02-May-2002

Below and left are covers commemorating the
40th and 41st Anniversary of Concorde's maiden flight

The below covers were issued to celebrate the maiden flight of the French Prototype Concorde 001 on the 3rd March 1969.
The below covers were issued to celebrate the maiden flight of the British Prototype Concorde 002 on the 9th April 1969.
This 40th anniversary cover is
autographed by Captain John Hutchinson

The below two covers celebrate the first MACH 2 supersonic flight of the prototypes 001 and 002.
The maiden flight of the third Concorde 101
The delivery of the second British production aircraft (G-BOAC).
The first Commercial flight from London to New York.
The First Concorde 001 visits Frankfurt Germany
These covers were issued for the building of the Fleet air arm museum at Yeovilton and the retirement to there of Concorde 002.
The 10th anniversary of 002's first flight.
1986 Halleys commet witnessed by an Air France Concorde.
First transatlantic round trip London-Washington-London
Both these covers were issued to celebrate the retirement of British Airways Concorde G-BOAF (216).
USA Bicentenial 4th July, both Air France and British airways flew to Washington. These are flown covers from both flights.
The Queen used Concorde on various state visits. Here are some flown covers from those flights.

Soviet Supersuonic Jet Airliner "Concordeski" Tupolev TU-144.
Below are three commemorative 50 years of the Soviet state airline Aeroflot medals.
They all feature the airlines flagship aircraft the Soviet copy of the Concorde the TU-144.
As with all Soviet propaganda medals, only limited numbers were minted, mainly for VIPs and museums.

[from Wikipedia]
The prototype first flew on 31 December 1968 near Moscow, two months before the first flight of the Concorde.
The Tu-144 first broke the sound barrier on 5 June 1969, and on 15 July 1969, became the first commercial
transport to exceed Mach 2.

The Tu-144 was outwardly similar to the Concorde and being under development at the same time,
allegations were frequently made that Soviet espionage services had stolen Concorde technology,
leading to the Tu-144 gaining the nickname "Concordski".

The Tu-144 suffered a crash in 1973 at the Paris Air Show, delaying its development.
The aircraft was introduced into passenger service on 1 November 1977, almost two years after the Concorde.
In May 1978, another Tu-144 crashed while being delivered, and the passenger fleet was permanently grounded
after only 55 scheduled flights. A total of 16 aircraft were produced. The aircraft remained in use as a cargo
plane until 1983, by which point a total of 102 commercial flights had been completed.
The Tu-144 was later used by the Soviet space programme to train pilots of the Buran spacecraft,
and by NASA for supersonic research.
A second Aeroflot medal featuring the propaganga flagship Tupolev TU-144.
And a third Aeroflot medal featuring the TU-144 and Sputnik.

Photo of me with the second prototype Concorde 002 at Yeovilton Fleet Air Arm Museum.
I also visited the First Preproduction (third to be made) 101 at Duxford but don't have a photo of me there.
Information issued about the second prototype 002
This was the first Concorde made in Britain.
Information sheet made by the Imperial War Museum
at Duxford when they received the first British
preproduction Concorde 101 (third one made).
Collection of Pins for both the Concorde and Aeroflot's TU-144.

Concorde first commercial flight covers (All covers were flown on stated flights).
British Airways - London / Bahrain -- 21-22 January 1976
Air France - Paris / Rio -- 10-21 January 1976
British Airways - London / Washington -- 24-25 May 1976
Air France - Paris / Washington -- 24-25 May 1976
British Airways - London / New York -- 22-23 November 1977
Air France - Paris / New York -- 22-23 November 1977
British Airways - London / Singapore -- 9-10 December 1977
British Airways - London / Rome -- 12 September 1982
British Airways - London / Venice -- 8 November 1982
British Airways - London / Lisbon -- 21 September 1981
Air France - Paris / Porto -- 12 October 1987
Air France - Paris / Barcelona -- 10 May 1990
Air France - Paris / Seville -- 19 May 1990
British Airways - London / Barcelona -- 24-25 February 1979
British Airways - London / Nice -- 7 April 1980
British Airways - London / Berlin -- 22 June 1985
British Airways - London / Munich -- 17-18 August 1983
British Airways - London / Edinburgh -- 29-30 November 1983
Air France - Paris / Edinburgh -- 22 March 1980
British Airways - London / Marrakech -- 6 October 1985
Air France - Paris / Casablanca -- 7-14 September 1976
British Airways - London / Moscow -- 12-13 April 1985
British Airways - London / Glasgow -- 11 October 1981
British Airways - London / Cairo -- 28 March 1981
Air France - Saraa (Yemen) / Luxor -- 7 December 1976
British Airways - London / Toronto -- 29-31 August 1980
British Airways - London / Cleveland -- 26-27 September 1985
British Airways - London / Antigua -- 2 November 1984
British Airways - London / Puerto Rico -- 26 June 1976
British Airways - London / Tel Aviv -- 28 March 1984
British Airways - London / Copenhagen -- 18 September 1982
Air France - Geneva / New York -- 2 August 1982
Air France - Paris / Geneva -- 24 April 1976

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