Museum and History Themed Collectibles, Stamps and Coins

Egyptology themed covers and coins
Berlin Museum 1984 Egyptian exhabition
For the 50th anniversary of discoving Tutankhamun's tomb, the British museum hosted an exhabition of the Tutankhaman collection.
London 1972 Tutankhamun exhabition
end of the Tutankhamun exhabition
Limited to just 5000 sets, these were the 4 coin boxed sets issued in 2010.
They were made by Castwell mint of Switzerland and are all Egyptian 1 pound coins.
Coin set 1

Coin set 2

Coin set 3

Coin set 4

Greece - pair of Heinrich Schliemann Mycenae first day covers

Roman Britain

Mayan Calendar Coin (issued for 21 December 2012)

2003 250 years of the British Museum stamp release first day covers

1995 GB Castle PNCs

2003 GB Ancient Stones FDCs

1988 GB High Values Castles FDCs

1992 GB High Values Castles FDCs

1995 GB High Values Castles FDCs

Limited edition PNCs of English Royalty with coins of the era
Edward 1st silver penny
Henry 3rd silver penny
Elizabeth 1st silver six pence
1900 Queen Victoria penny
1895 Queen Victoria crown & 1897 stamp
1936 George 5 & 6 pennies, Edward 8 crown with stamps
1904 Edward 7 three pence
1937 George 6 three pence & stamp
1937 George 6 crown & stamp
1937 George 6 crown & stamp
Edward 8 medal with stamps
1923 floren
1893 Victoria penny & stamp
1905 Edward 7 penny & stamp
1936 George 5 penny & stamp
1939 George 6 penny & stamp
1966 Elizabeth 2 penny & stamp
Limited edition PNCs with coins of an era
Limited to 10,000 covers, this coin cover is cancelled on both Dec 31 1999 and Jan 1st 2000. It features a 2000 year old Roman coin.

Henry VIII/Tudors
Henry VIII and his wives
The House of Tudors
The House of Lancaster and York
The House of Stewart
Mary Rose

Coins containing peices of historic monuments
This pair of medals contain were issued by Montesclaros in Spain 2014 with a production run of just 2,500 each.
* The first contains a peice of marble rescued from the restoration of the Fountain of Neptune in Madrid.
* The second medal also contains marble from the Celebes Fountain Madrid.