Titanic Collectibles, Stamps and Coins

Limited Edition Coins/Medals that contain coal brought up from the Titanic
Serialised Medal - Mintage 25,000 Liberia 2005 $10 Silver coin - Mintage 5,000

Other Limited Edition Commemoratives
23kt Gold serialised 1998 Bleachers collector card
contains 10 grains / half a gram of 23Kt Gold
- Mintage 9,990
Cook Island Coins - Gold Plated, Silver Plated,
Brass, CupraNickle, Copper
24Kt Gold Plated bar. 1 Oz Royal Mint 2010 Commemorative medal
Piece of Coal from the Titanic
Another piece of Coal from the Titanic

Royal Mint 1997 Commemorative medal

Autographed Post cards, Photos etc
Millvina Dean was youngest member rescued from Titanic and the last surviver, passing away in May 2009.
Dean autographed PNC with information sheets
Ballard autographed PNC
Dr. Robert Ballard lead the team that discovered the location of the sunken Titanic in 1985.
Regular commemorative covers.